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History of company featuring Q&A with Steve Ison

Rebecca Creek Distillery has a rich history, and there’s no one better to share it with you than our founder Steve Ison. We asked him a few questions about the the distillery’s roots, products, and what it has become today.

Why did you start Rebecca Creek Distillery?

Well, for starters Texas only had one or two distilleries, and I figured that needed to change—especially since there’s more whiskey sold here than in any other state. There was a void that needed to be filled, and we wanted to fill it with good whiskey and good vodka.  We wanted to make something that Texans could be proud to drink, something tied to the community we have here. I think that’s extremely important.

What sets you apart from other distilleries?

All of our water comes straight from San Antonio, and is limestone filtered, so you know you’re getting a pure Texas product. We also decided to go big at the beginning—we purchased the highest quality stills and equipment to ensure we made a great product from day one. Not many distilleries are able to do that and end up cutting corners initially, which we had no interest in doing.

Where can we find your products?

Our whiskey and vodka is sold all across Texas in both large and locally owned liquor stores. We’re also sold in 10 other states and will be in 8 more soon. Ideally we’ll be all over the country at some point as well.

With your increasing size how do you remain a local San Antonio fixture?

We love our community here, so it really comes down to staying active and giving back whenever possible. We host open mic nights, karaoke and trivia each week and we provide free tours and tastings frequently as well. We’ve also started Whiskey and Wag day where people are encouraged to bring their dogs and sip on some whiskey. It’s just really important to us to take care of our local community, even when we are growing to a larger, more national size.


Make sure you come Visit Rebecca Creek Distillery in person at 26605 Bulverde Road San Antonio, TX 78260.