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Handcrafted Vodka That Goes The Extra Mile

At Rebecca Creek, it’s no secret that we’re Hill Country fans. From our base in north San Antonio, we can practically hear the winding back roads and cool rivers calling us away from the city. Forget the bustle of crowded streets and meetings across town — Hill Country afternoons are for watching the deer graze from your back porch, preferably with a cocktail in hand.

We’ve come to appreciate that ability to slow down, focus, and respect what is in front of us. Take our Enchanted Rock Vodka, named after the Hill Country’s most famous natural feature. It takes time to make. We start with a 100-percent corn base in our Carl, a copper pot still we imported all the way from Germany to ensure that each handcrafted batch meets our exact standards. Using our Carl, we’re able to put our Enchanted Rock Vodka through the equivalent of 10 distillations to produce a clean, neutral base.

This is only the first step. We believe the next one is rare, but necessary: we run a chilled filtration, as opposed to the typical carbon filtration, to preserve all the best flavors and aromas of our product. We then take our vodka to temperatures below freezing to push any undesirable congeners out so we can filter them too. It might be a tall tale, but some people believe that the congeners cause hangovers, which is something we just can’t abide.

For our last step, we do nothing. That’s right, the final step in producing Enchanted Rock Vodka is to do nothing. As in, we don’t add any sugar, citric acid, or glycerine to “boost” our vodka’s flavor. After all, our process creates a carb- and gluten-free, perfectly balanced, and low-calorie vodka (less than 100 calories per serving) that’s ideal for some back-porch sipping. Messing with that is like spray painting your name on Enchanted Rock — it could result in jail time, if we were the judge.

It might take a little longer to produce a batch of Enchanted Rock Vodka than some of our competitors’ efforts, but every time you pour some for your mid-afternoon drink, you know what you’re getting: pure Texas Hill Country in your glass.