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Meet Carl

At Rebecca Creek Distillery, we are proudly Texan. Our whiskeys and vodkas are made with only the best produce from the Lone Star State. We wear cowboy boots on a daily basis, and our dogs all bark with a Hill Country accent. But what if we told you that our wholly-Texan spirits were created thanks to a big German wunderkind named Carl?

You’ve already met our head distiller, Brad Baldwin, now we’ll introduce his partner in crime: a giant copper tank, handmade in Germany and capable of producing a thousand gallons of whiskey or vodka. They say a cattle roper is only as good as his horse, and a distiller can only be as good as his equipment. Fortunately for us (and you) we have Carl, the best equipment in the world.

Our Christian Carl copper still has been with us from the start, when our original master distiller Eric Watson suggested we invest in the best. It just made sense to go with a company that’s been creating stills since 1869, and when you taste our products we think you’ll agree.

Baldwin still swears by our Carl, and he believes its maker’s reputation speaks volumes as well. “Carl has been around longer than anyone in the industry,” he notes, “the parts are built to last with super thick copper, and you really get what you pay for. We got the largest still that could fit inside a shipping container.”

The copper is the key. As part of the distilling process, alcohol creates sulfites, which are impurities that can only be removed by coming in contact with copper. The fact that our Carl is 100-percent copper means that we can produce some of the purest spirits in Texas, especially because we’re the only distillery in Texas to have a Carl.

Baldwin believes that the Carl is special because its design reflects 160 years of German brewing tradition. “American-made stills are still not up to speed with Christian Carl,” he says. “The engineering and materials used are unparalleled to what we produce in the United States when it comes to still manufacturing. It’s unique because it was handbuilt and hand hammered. Every single bend and dent in the still creates a taste unique to that still.”

Now that you know the story, be sure to say “prost” to our buddy Carl the next time you’re enjoying our Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Whiskey, Texas Ranger Whiskey, or Enchanted Rock Vodka. We thank him for making our products taste so incredibly Texan.