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Meet Chris Yzaguirre, Our Favorite Bull Rider

8 Seconds To Glory For a few seconds that last a lifetime, it’s just a man, a 2400lb upset bull, and the desire to ride longer than you have before. For those seconds, everything fades away and time seems to slow. The crowd becomes a blur, sounds are inaudible, and thoughts are fleeting. This is what bull riders like Chris Yzaguirre live for. West Texas-born and Houston-raised, Chris Yzaguirre, also known as Izzy or Chris Izzy in the rodeo world, is Rebecca Creek’s sponsored bull rider, though the ride to sponsorship was a wild one. Formerly a crew chief in the U.S. Air Force, for six years Chris worked on KC-135 Stratotankers, a military aerial refueling aircraft critical to the U.S. Air Force’s mission of global reach. Though they seem worlds apart, it was during Chris’ time in the Air Force that he began learning bull riding. While stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington, toward the end of his Air Force career, he dove into bull riding, driving down into Idaho to ride. Following his service, Chris came back home to Texas and kept pursuing bull riding at Kicker’s Korner Rodeo in Atascosa. Chris, like many bull riders, has been injured while riding, but luckily he’s recovered every time. On one occasion, Chris was severely injured when the bull he was riding tossed him in the air, and he landed on his kneecap, simultaneously breaking his femur and fracturing his hip. In another instance, Chris fractured his ankle when he and the bull stepped in the same spot after he dismounted the bull. Those injuries are coupled with numerous knockouts and scarring from staples behind his head after a bull kicked and tore his scalp. “The way I see it, if God didn’t want me to ride anymore he would take that urge away. It’s in my blood, and it has become second nature,” shared Chris with a grin.

Chris Izzy riding a bull

Today, Chris is a member and regional co-director of the World Senior Pro Bull Riders Association, an organization geared toward riders 35-years-old and older. “The age range is 35-years-old to 60-year-olds still holding on to their dreams,” said Chris with a warm chuckle. The World Senior Pro Bull Riders Association holds competitive events throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri that count toward the end-of-year finals. A two-time World Senior Pro Bull Riders Finals Qualifier, Chris is a renowned name in the bull riding world. At 40 years old with 22 years of experience in bull riding, he shows no signs of slowing down and all indications that he’s going to continue to ride toward greatness. “It’s been a fun road, and I consider it a dream come true to be a part of a great company like Rebecca Creek and watch it grow!” said Chris with a smile. In between bull riding bouts and furthering the World Senior Pro Bull Riders Association, Chris spends his time reveling in new music from Texas’ country music artists and enjoying his own rendition of a 7&7—a good glass of Rebecca Creek Whiskey with 7-Up and a slice of lime. Fueled by his passion for pushing the boundaries and perfect his craft, Chris Yzaguirre will undoubtedly continue to be an exceptional representative for Rebecca Creek Whiskey and an awe-inspiring figure in the bull riding community for years to come.