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Our Texas Country Roots Run Deep

While Rebecca Creek Distillery is mostly known for their delicious whiskey and vodka, they’ve also been major supporters of Texas musicians. Since 2012, the distillery has been giving exposure to up and coming country artists through their Rebecca Creek Radio. Steve Ryan, one of the distillery’s original investors, sat down to discuss the distillery’s history with musicians, the radio station, and the motivation for starting this program.

What was behind the decision to reach out to artists?

As a distillery that started independently, we understand the difficulties of getting a quality product made and into the hands of customers, and we know that independent musicians have similar problems getting their music out there and heard. Since the distillery has such a local presence—we really thrive when we have people on-site—we figured that having local musicians play our tasting room would be a great opportunity for them to get exposure and for us to bring more people to the distillery. We like to think of ourselves an incubator of sorts for Texas country musicians in the Hill Country.

Since the distillery began, we’ve always relied to some extent on word of mouth. Think about it, what’s going to get you to try a new brand of liquor: a billboard or someone at a bar telling you it’s their favorite drink. When we work with musicians, we’re giving them the exposure to take their careers to the next level, and they’re telling people about our brand. They have the microphone, and their fans listen. It’s a win-win, and we’re all genuinely excited to work together.

The distillery has a radio station, which in this day and age seems like a bold move. How did this come about?

We started the station in 2012, because we figured that an online radio station would be the best way to connect music fans with artists they might not have heard before. It also allows us to get out the word about our spirits. One of the biggest perks about doing radio today is how mobile it can be. We can take our equipment with us anywhere, so we can live stream the concerts we sponsor. This lets our fans hear fantastic live music from across the country at the festivals that they might not be able to attend. We recently joined iHeartRadio, so now the musicians we partner with have a reach of over 100,000 listeners.

What music plans do you have for the future?

We hope to keep supporting the artists who have been with us from the beginning and help newer ones find a larger audience. They’re the best brand ambassadors we could hope for, so it’s important to keep our live shows and radio program going as long as we possibly can.