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Texas Whiskey Photo Shoot

Behind the Scenes With Our Founder & CEO at the Distillery This week we spent a few fun hours with our Founder & CEO Steve Ison and Cocoriah Photo capturing the things we love most about our Hill Country distillery and our whiskey and vodka. We are proud to be a homegrown, San Antonio business, so we also spent some time in the beautiful bar at the Historic Menger Hotel downtown. We’re excited to share a few of our favorite shots that showcase what makes our spirits great, including Carl, our large copper pot still, our copper-column distillation process and more. Take a look through the photos below and get to know our Texas craft sprits and the mind behind our distillery a little better, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see even more photos! #drinktexas

Copper still collage from Rebecca Creek Distillery

Our copper still, Carl, and our copper column filtration system hard at work distilling our whiskey. (Image credit: Cocoriah Photo)   

Rebecca Creek Whiskey, Texas Ranger Whiskey and Enchanted Rock Vodka

Founder & CEO Steve Ison behind the bar at the Menger Hotel with our full line of Texas whiskies and vodkas. (Image credit: Cocoriah Photo)

Behind the scenes with Rebecca Creek Founder & CEO Steve Ison

Behind the scenes at the beautiful Menger Bar with Founder & CEO Steve Ison. (Image credit: Matt Appleby)

Rebecca Creek Distillery with Founder & CEO Steve Ison

Founder and CEO Steve Ison with a bottle of Rebecca Creek Whiskey and an Enchanted Rock button down.

Rustic collage of images of Rebecca Creek Whiskey

A bottle full of the fine Texas grains that make our whiskey great, and a few spots around the distillery.

Copper still at Rebecca Creek Distillery in the Texas Hill Country

Our Christian Carl copper still with our Founder and CEO Steve Ison in the heart of the distillery, where all the magic happens.

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